Are we so caught up in our own self image that we’re not opening our vision to the beauty in those around us? Do we notice the beauty in others and tell them?

I rarely have completely acne free skin. But that’s ok. I don’t think I’m gorgeous (even though my husband never, I mean NEVER fails to tell me otherwise), but I’m comfortable in my skin. Why?

Physical Talents

Well, let’s start with physical talents. What is your body capable of doing? Can you walk? Run? Do you have a decent singing voice? Do your hands make awesome, unique pieces of art?

Think of 3 things you can do. Anything you can physically do. Keep adding to the list if necessary. Your self-image will thank you.

I can read, write, and I’m learning to draw better. I can move my body to do the things I need to do everyday. I have the ability to imitate a variety of voices (mainly fictional characters).  The body is capable of so many amazing things. And isn’t that really what matters when it all comes down to it?

Here’s a challenge for you, get a journal (can be notebook, computer, whatever will work for you) and start a self esteem/gratitude journal. Just start a list ‘I like that my hands can do-‘, ‘I’m grateful to have legs that are capable of-‘, ‘I enjoy being able to-‘. Get the idea? Write something down every single day, more a day if you can. Over time, you’ll start feeling more confident about yourself because of the many awesome things you can do with your amazing body!

And for those with physical disabilities, think of what functions you are still capable of, or if that’s not an option, ponder what you could teach others 🙂 You’re beautiful regardless.

Service Talents

How about bringing joy to other people? Are you the reason someone genuinely smiled today? Did you bring laughter (the good kind, not the derisive kind) to someone today?

It could be things as simple as babysitting, doing a chore or two for someone, making a meal or two, paying them a visit. Maybe secretly leave a little gift. Anything you do, who knows, you might even bring a spark of joy to improve another person’s self-image!

Just make a count right now, can be in your head, on paper, whatever. Make a list of 5 people you’ve brought even just a moment of joy to today or recently. If that seems unlikely, start with 1 or 2. If you can think of 5 or more very quickly, then go you! If you have noticed the beauty in others and expressed that to them, then how can you be an ugly person?

Start creating a list of sorts (yes I know, here we go again with lists). Think of someone that you know could use some help (and probably won’t ask for it), figure out how you can fulfill that need and just do it.

Psychological Talents

What unique talent do you have to offer the world? Or if you don’t think it’s unique, what perspective do you have that might help another person?

You have something to offer. Think about your life experiences. Maybe they’ve been primarily bad, maybe wonderful. If bad, then think of how you could help someone live through similar problems.

Do you have a knack for pointing out the talent and/or light in someone else? How about shining a light on their situation to help them see themselves in a better way? I have found that in talking with someone and helping them see the good in themselves helps my self-image and theirs. Win-win situation!

Maybe along with the self-esteem journal, make a talent journal for the psychological/emotional help you can give others. Again, start with 1-3 things and expand on those, writing more as you think of them. Get out there and find those who need you.

Facial Appearance

You know, why is it that so many are so hung up on looking like that female on the cover of Cosmo or Vogue? Why is it so important to have that 6-pack ab? The magazines are severely photoshopped and they set impossible standards.

Quite honestly, I don’t care if your face is done up to look exactly like the newest ‘hot’ thing on the screen. I don’t care if your body is sculpted to what’s been labeled ‘perfection’. What media says is attractive changes often anyway. And why should anyone allow someone else to tell them what they should look like?

I’d rather have every person comfortably showing their natural face than to see so many trying to embody the looks of this celebrity or this person. Never let someone else tell you that you don’t look good enough if you’re not wearing this newest makeup trend or this latest clothing trend. I watch so many people getting overly anxious about getting their face ‘just right’ and it makes me sad. It’s like watching someone voluntarily putting themself into a chain that just squeezes tighter every day.

I have found that the majority of those who are that critical of another’s appearance truly have a problem with their own natural appearance. They have self-image problems, so therefore they have to put it on someone else.

I’m not saying don’t ever wear any makeup ever again or don’t try to excercise at all, what I hope you take from this is simply, Don’t be afraid of what you look like. There really is only one you and why shouldn’t you see yourself as your own kind of attractive?  If you must follow the trend, do so because you just feel like it once in a while, not because you don’t think your face/body is worthy of public appearance without those things.

You are beautiful. Regardless of skin conditions, whatever the circumstances are, you bring your own beauty to the world. Let it shine in your face! Let your face breathe!

How it All Comes Together

Someone who is helpful is not an ugly person. It doesn’t matter if the person has their face done up to look like the fake photos you see plastered everywhere.  If the photoshopped/heavily done up person doesn’t seem to have much of a nice side to their personality, are they really all that attractive? How did society come up with the standard for beauty anyway? It changes constantly.

And yes, believe it or not, there is scientific evidence of how your attitude affects your outward appearance. The more you reach out selflessly, the more you focus on your personality and just in general being a good person, the less stressed out you are about what you look like. And stress is a MAJOR factor when it comes to the physical appearance.

No, I am absolutely not calling you a horrible person for being anxiously focused on your looks, we all have things we don’t like about our physical appearance. Please just ponder what I’ve said today.

So! Focus on other people, focus on what improvements you could make in your attititude and before you know it, hey! You might actually start thinking your reflection’s alright after all!

The one thing that really makes a person beautiful is their soul. Yes, I know, ‘that’s so cliche and old and overdone Danielle.’ But it’s the truth. Kindness is timeless. If you don’t think you’re an attractive person, get out there and start finding the people who need you. Figure out what you have to offer others.

Think about who you believe is the most beautiful person (people) in your life. Why are they beautiful to you? And if any of the reasons have something to do with their personalities, figure out if you would like to emulate some of those traits!

Ponder your talents. Realize that you have something that can help another out there in this world. See how much your self-image improves. These are the things that will bring you confidence. That can help with your interactions, you can help someone else with their own self-image. And that’s really what makes you beautiful.